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Create a tailored #monitoring solution that fits your needs with Icinga and help from the experts 🤓

As the UK #Icinga partner we offer support, training consultancy and development services for Icinga so you get the solution you need 👍

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Need HA for your #firewall 🔥🧱🧱🧱?

We provide support & consultancy for #pfSense #FreeBSD and #OpenBSD firewalls at a fraction of the cost of the big name commercial appliances while providing the same features (and often the same underlying software)

Really happy to see so many people from the other place appearing on Mastodon.

It's great to see you 👍🏻

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tool to find everybody you know from the bird app in the fediverse, and follow them there:

recommended by @mattl so you know it's cool and OK

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Hello? Hello?? Is this thing on?

Just getting set up over here but welcome


Time for a cuppa... Earl Grey please!