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As a #Twitch streamer, I play and try lots of games. I'm constantly impressed at how good gaming #UX is compared to what I see in apps, websites, and products. Have you tried to call up a draft video on TikTok? Find where your messages are on Instagram? Meanwhile, have most UX designers ever watched elderly users use their apps and products? Have you tried to rescue a 90ish parent who is violently poking their tablets because they don't understand how the app works? #uxdesign

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Every study ever: Overworked employees are less productive. Employees who work from home are just as productive as employees who work in the office. The evidence is indisputable.

Managers: I see. But I have a hunch that the complete opposite is true.

"Product Managers, are you stuck in the feature factory mentality? It's time to shift your focus to solving the customer's problem. Learn how in our latest blog post! "


"Unlock the wealth of User Research data within your own team! By building strong relationships with Sales, Marketing, and Support, you'll gain valuable insights into customer problems, emotions, and motivations at different stages of the product life cycle. Don't overlook the power of internal teams! "

"Unleash your team's full potential as a - go from being just a team member to a coach! Set clear strategies, foster individual growth & team culture, and be the front line protector 💪 "

This is a very good news app ground.news/ It aggregates multiple sources for the same stories to give the perspective from the Left, Center, and Right.

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This feels appropriate for the second thing I've ever posted to mastodon.

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We love freedom 3, the freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others. Boost this post to share the message with others!

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Are you #NewHere and just getting set up on #Mastodon? We found these simple tips from @nick helpful in starting out, especially:

1. Add a photo/image and bio, then write an introductory post with the #introduction hashtag.

9. Use hashtags liberally. Follow them too! That's how you get the most relevant posts.


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Good explanation of how energy prices are set in UK and why we pay same price as gas for renewal energy which are fraction of the price of gas.


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"People are returning to the office" factoid actually just statistical error. People love working from home. Management Georg, who thinks "butts in seats" is a real OKR and commutes to the office 10,000 times per day, is an outlier and should not have been counted.

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Changing the name of a practice does nothing, because the system's demands on that practice stay the same.

Switching from NPS to another method of calculating a magic number will not solve the core problem (there is no magic number)

Same goes for changing "user" to "customer," or "#UX designer" to "#product designer," or #MVP to MLP. Nothing changes if the product org's available inputs (assumptions recorded as business requirements) and expected outputs (tickets checked off) don't change.

Cleaner, nicer, friendlier social media 🤞🏾


Time for a cuppa... Earl Grey please!