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Tune in to Ep 15 of Path To Citus Con podcast with @michristofides & @clairegiordano & find out why sometimes the fastest way of doing something is not having to do it at all

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Oh Slack. We somehow expected better of you. We shouldn’t have.

You only want spaghetti in your dinner, not your data!

Come and listen to how we can control those unknown unknowns when using JSONB in Postgres.

Watch online at @posetteconf on June 12th.


Missed me❓ I'm going to be speaking online at #POSETTE: An Event for #Postgres with PostgreSQL community star @floord in June❗

"How to Work with Other People" explores how recognizing and accommodating the mental differences between people can improve the workplace and the #PostgreSQL #Community.

🔗 aka.ms/posette

#posetteconf #neurodiversity

You know who will never mine your private communications to train an LLM?

Better yet, you know whose words you don't need to trust, because you aren't obligated to use any particular server? And the software is open source? And regularly audited by security researchers?


It's not perfect, but no tool is. It's a matter of what trade offs you're willing to accept. Just sayin' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#Matrix #Slack #OpenSource #FOSS #DigitalSovereignty #Privacy

The double-edged sword of my ADHD procrastination strikes again.

Pro: I'm very good in a crisis.
Con: I'm only good in a crisis.

Have you seen the awesome #PosetteConf schedule full of talks about #PostgreSQL, its extensions, and tools too?
It's time to save the date 🗓️💥
#opensource #database #postgres

CEOs never have a good answer as to why they should be paid many multiples the average salary in their respective companies

Ok I’m doin the thread I said I wanted to do last week. (feel free to mute unless you enjoy a little second-hand drama as a Monday morning treat)

Attn #devrel people! Are you job hunting? Does this pic of search results look familiar? Have you ever seen a bunch of job postings like this from Canonical and thought “gee I should apply to one of these”?

I’m here to tell you:


@intrbiz @michristofides Thank you for the bday wishes, and so glad you enjoyed Ep15 Chris!

You know, the previous podcast episode was pretty good too, also an amazing guest 😆 👀 😍

It's my birthday! 🎂 Am celebrating w/these brilliant fireworks candles (with cake) & by sharing Ep15 of the #PathToCitusCon #podcast, which is a bit of a labor of love for me

So fun to talk to guest @michristofides of pgMustard about #PostgreSQL, EXPLAIN ANALYZE, BUFFERS, the #Postgres documentation, and S vs. Zed 🐘

2 ways to listen, via your favorite podcast app or via YouTube. 🚀 Boosts appreciated

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The flip side to “Europeans are lazy and don’t work hard” is that we’re able to maintain a modern society with a high standard of living while still being able to spend time with our families. And why kill yourself through overwork when most of the rewards go to somebody else, anyway?

If you like to learn about the backstories of people's various paths into working in the #PostgreSQL database world, this #podcast episode 🎧 with @clairegiordano & pgMustard guest @michristofides should be part of your weekend routine.

See what you think! 🔥 Boosts appreciated to help more ppl discover this pod too.

🎧 pathtocituscon.transistor.fm/e

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Loved the convo with @michristofides of pgMustard during yesterday's LIVE recording of Ep15 of the #PathToCitusCon #podcast 🎙️ all about EXPLAIN & Michael's journey into the world of #PostgreSQL

❤️ this quote: "it's the best way of doing work faster or not doing the work AT ALL"

✅ The episode will publish Fri, you can subscribe (& check out past episodes) here: aka.ms/PathToCitusCon

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@peterbrown unsurprisingly:

Finland now spends **15,000 euros less per year per homeless person** than it did before implementing Housing First

The savings are attributed to a decrease in emergency situations among homeless persons, such as assaults, injuries, and breakdowns

The savings in terms of services needed by one person can be up to **9,600 euros a year** when compared to the costs that would result from that person being homeless

Housing First Fact Sheet: endhomelessness.org/wp-content.

I'm excited to be speaking at this years POSETTE - An Event For Postgres!

A totally online event, so no need to travel somewhere to listen to all the amazing speakers: citusdata.com/posette/2024/spe

For fuck sake, how the fuck can we still not get internationalisation right. My browser sets fucking locale headers, stop assuming that because I'm roughly in a country that you should localise the text. Like it's fucking easier to use the fucking header. Sorry, quite pissed off right now, by the idiots at LinkedIn.

Hello Prague, nice to be back. Looking forward to speaking at the Prague PostgreSQL meetup.

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