Went to see Aussie Floyd on Monday at Symphony Hall in Birmingham. Excellent gig, great music and amazing light show and animation. Would really recommend for any Pink Floyd fan out there.

Boost this toot if you're planning on sticking around Mastodon whether or not it becomes more popular than the birdsite.

I've always considered applications using the 'postgres' default database not to be best practice, especially when they are authing as the 'postgres' user.

Do other people agree with that?

Last day (this Sunday) to submit your talk for FOSDEM PGDay and the PostgreSQL Devroom!

Please note that the event takes place in Brussels, no pre-recorded talks are considered at this point.

#FOSDEM #PostgreSQL #FOSDEMPGDay #Conference #CfP #Brussels


Which programming paradigm, do you enjoy writing?

#programming #functional #oops

On-site with a client doing PostgreSQL stuff for the first time in far too long. It felt good and looking forward to helping them.

Which linux distribution do you use for servers? Comment below if using another one #linux #almalinux #rockylinux #rhel #fedoralinux #debianlinux #ubuntuserver #opensuse #suselinux #linuxdistribution #linuxserver #enterpriselinux

Almost 180k new users joined #mastodon yesterday, a new record. This third #twitterMigration wave happened after Musk's Twitter 2.0 ultimatum to #Twitter workers. Each wave is stronger than the previous one. Here is my updated plot showing the three consecutive waves.

Really happy to see so many people from the other place appearing on Mastodon.

It's great to see you 👍🏻

Automattic is one of the most important companies on the Internet.

They make Tumblr, WooCommerce, Akismet, LongReads, WordPress—among others.

WordPress alone powers ~44% of the world's websites.

More interesting: despite being such a large, dominant company, few people hate Automattic.

Why is this? 🧵

What we think improves productivity vs. what actually does.

It's often easy to feel like you’re only productive if you are working hard non-stop. That’s a misnomer. Breaks are vital for boosting productivity and deterring burnout. Make time to re-energize,
get rest and enjoy life in between.

Illustration by Liz Fosslien


This looks really interesting for encrypted volumes on Linux: shufflecake.net/

I keep hearing that #Mastodon is not likely to replace #Twitter. To that I say: so what?
I've been contributing to the #Linux desktop for the last 15 years not because it's likely to replace #Windows, but because providing people with free desktop is the right thing to do.
I use and support Mastodon not because it's likely to replace Twitter, but because it's a social network done right.

Decided to look at network stats again. There are 1M more people using #Mastodon today than there were on October 27.

Setting up my Mastodon server made me think about availability and backups.

At the moment it's just a single database instance.

Harald's talk on Reasonable Availability, did a great job in explain that we don't always need the complexity.

However it prompted me to think that there are many times where sensible backups probably should be the first port of call rather than availability.

Pretty happy to have finally dipped my toes into Mastodon. Late to the party as usual.

It's super cool to see non-tech people joining and some organisations, definitely feels like some momentum building.


Time for a cuppa... Earl Grey please!