My colleague Kumaran on the advantages of building Progressive Web Apps over native apps for startup and small businesses.

I think this is pretty solid advice for people who want to get an app to market fast and cost effectively.

We're currently working on a couple ourselves ;)

As I hear Johnson justify his rule-breaking by claiming he was working really hard, I can't help thinking of all the NHS staff who worked all hours, in difficult and dangerous conditions and didn't break the rules he made.
This must be sickening for them.

Goodbye Stockholm, it was fun and an excellent too.

.@magnushagander opening @NordicPGDay withe a new record in attendance!

Following on from the Cat badge, I wanted to do a related one - an Elephant, quite please with how it came out.

Can't help but think that if Google or Apple really cared about what the app stores claim they protect consumers from, then they'd provide insurance to consumers to cover consumer's losses from bad apps. It seems they don't, they claim all these level of protection, and discriminate on certain types of apps, yet don't back there actual message.

A rather dangerous failure mode. It came apart when I unplugged it. I didn't notice anything wrong until I went to pack it away.

I wish more people understood that "I want the computer to generate a natural language text that sounds like a plausible answer to a question about x" and "I want the computer to answer a question about x" are two very different problems.

Jeremy Hunt "13 years ago, we inherited an economy which had crashed"

13 years ago the Tories inherited a AAA+ national credit rating. In the last 13 years, it’s been downgraded 7 times and is now AA.

National debt was £1.03 trillion in 2010, it’s £2.49 trillion today.

The UK was the 5th largest economy in the world. Now it is 7th and falling.

The living standard was on par with France, Italy or Germany. Now it is on par with Slovakia.

If anybody has “crashed” the economy it’s the Tories.

The UK's Online Safety Bill is poised to undermine encryption and create a regime of mass surveillance. Our president
@Mer__edith calls on the UK to reconsider this misguided Bill, and affirms that Signal will *never* undermine our privacy commitments:

Poll for the #postgres folks out there... how often do you tend to upgrade major versions (roughly)? Replies with extra context super welcome 🙏

Google likes to claim it loves the web. Google fucking broke the web.

Cookie notices on every fucking website? They need those because they use Google Analytics or Google Ads.

Recipe sites that go on for fucking days? That’s because Google penalises websites when you leave too quickly, and they can’t show as many ads.

Obviously-bullshit machine-generated “content” designed to entice you to click ads? That’s because Google Search is a monopoly.

I’m so tired of Google.

Hi, I work with generative machines. Everything from Markov chain generators to GPT-3. I’ve trained and tuned many models with GPT2 and 3, all with the intent of simulating human interaction.

I know a fair bit about generative machines, both how they work, and how to tune and interact with them to get particular results.

I need you to hear this: they do not know or understand anything. They are complex probability tables.


Excellent evening listening yo Darkside ( playing The Dark Side Of The Moon, 50 years and 2 days after the original release.

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Time for a cuppa... Earl Grey please!