You only want spaghetti in your dinner, not your data!

Come and listen to how we can control those unknown unknowns when using JSONB in Postgres.

Watch online at @posetteconf on June 12th.

Following on from the Cat badge, I wanted to do a related one - an Elephant, quite please with how it came out.

I've always considered applications using the 'postgres' default database not to be best practice, especially when they are authing as the 'postgres' user.

Do other people agree with that?

Setting up my Mastodon server made me think about availability and backups.

At the moment it's just a single database instance.

Harald's talk on Reasonable Availability, did a great job in explain that we don't always need the complexity.

However it prompted me to think that there are many times where sensible backups probably should be the first port of call rather than availability.


Time for a cuppa... Earl Grey please!