Got a cool free culture, digital rights or open source talk?

Good news!

Our scheduled track CfP is still open and we'd love to hear from you!

@nixCraft Technically, I run my apps as containers on VMs on bare metal, so kind of all 3.

Registration for PGDay UK 2024 in - surprise: London is now open. The event takes place on Sep 11th.

A few sponsor slots are also still available.

#PostgreSQL #Conference #London #UK #UnitedKingdom

Our Call for Speakers is now open until July 9:

Get all your talk proposals in on performance tuning, administering large scale PostgreSQL installations, success (or: failure!) stories, GenAI, ... #CfP

The number of teams I've met who are doing AWS and/or k8s for a service mesh to handle loads a single 1985 PC could deliver, smdh.

25k users, 100 transactions each a day.

Baby, *any* monolith could deliver that, if your team doesn't start with the assumption that http is free.

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I've missed the CFP of @postgresuk because I thought I couldn't travel but it turns out I can go to London and come back in a single day by train. Same with Amsterdam. So I've just submitted a talk proposal for the brand new @pgdaylowlands 🐘🤞🏻

If you missed the #PostgreSQL fun at @posetteconf this week, the good news is you can replay this playlist of the 4 Livestreams 🎁

So make some popcorn 🍿 & get comfortable & watch the replays 📺🐘 w/color commentary by lovely #Postgres hosts @floord @melanieplageman @jeltef @tchorix KK Ravi & Pino de Candia & me!

Enjoy! 👋 Also: Boosts appreciated 🚀 & if you like a speaker's talk, pls let them know or give their video a 👍

#livestream #OpenSource #database #PosetteConf

I see nightmare stories of bosses getting upset when employees take PTO for important life events. I was at my desk at a previous job when I got a call that a family member had become suddenly ill. My boss all but shoved me out the door: "Go be with your family. Now. Leave. Take care of this and don't come back until you're ready. We'll cover everything here."

I couldn't overstate the effect this had on my loyalty to that boss and company.

I had a talk about "performance cliffs" in #PostgreSQL (and cost-based optimizers in general) at #posetteconf yesterday. I think it went quite well, and the recording is now online, so maybe take a look. 😉

POSETTE is now over, such a great event it was too.

But fear not, if you missed the livestreams all the talks are on Youtube.

Checkout my talk on Even JSONB In PostgreSQL Needs Schemas!

Voting #ukpol? 

If you're in the #UK, please ensure you're registered to #vote, and use it. I know it can feel like it doesn't make a difference, but governments don't care about people who don't vote.

For example:

Young people don't tend to vote. So student grants were dropped in favour of loans, and now we have tuition fees.

Old people do tend to vote, so we got triple-locked pensions.

The 42 talks 📺 in @posetteconf were so good ⭐️ & what a fun conversation w/#PostgreSQL ppl on the virtual hallway track 💬

Missed the #PosetteConf livestreams? No worries, the talks are already published! Watch the playlist 🍿 & show the speakers love 👍
#livestream #community #Postgres #database #OpenSource #Microsoft #Azure

👏 BIG THANK YOU 👏 to all speakers, hosts, attendees, talk selection team, & organizing team
That's a wrap for #PosetteConf 2024 🐘

#Postgres #database #community #livestream #OpenSource

Tune in to Chris Ellis’s @intrbiz talk during #PosetteConf Livestream 2 to learn how you can control those unknown unknowns with JSON Schema & CHECK constraints in #PostgreSQL 🐘

#Postgres #database #community #livestream #OpenSource

🎙️ Exciting news for #OggCamp2024 attendees! 🌟 The Call for Papers for our scheduled track opens on 14th June. Don't miss your chance to contribute! 🛠️💡

📅 Mark your calendars & get ready to submit your ideas!

#CFP #OpenSource #TechConference #Manchester

25 hours left, to submit a talk to PGDay UK 2024.

All you last minute owls, get those talks in.

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