A nice 8 hour long meeting tomorrow. Where vendors are making presentations based on criteria made with little technical input.

Having to write a generic 30 min presentation about Linux servers (for windows admins), that will be presented immediately after a 30min presentation about the Linux desktop by someone who is respected by the intended audience. Struggling for inspiration.

Bought a Pine Star64 board. If it ever arrives getting a functioning OS is going to be an enjoyable challenge.

After seeing some today. I'm keen to think what I would do an ignite talk on (5min talk, 20 slides), if the need arose.

Suggestions of how to nicely say 'Thanks for the job offer, but no thanks. I don't think we'll get along with you as my manager'?

The most frustrating part of debugging your own code, is removing all the print statements once you finally fix the issue.

How far behind the times is chucking a site together with rails, bootstrap, and postgres? Asking for a friend.

You apply for a HPC role, and get offered a secondment for said role instead. Now I'm unsure what to do.

First conference in over a decade, heading to next week.

The moment I start to question my impostor syndrome is when I interview for senior HPC Linux roles, and my technical knowledge isn't really questioned.

Can anyone recommend a web framework for someone that seldomly comes out of general sysadmin and gitops?

Nothing like pushing to production on a Friday afternoon, especially if you skip linting. Completely unrelated, getting fed up of YAML now.

Trying to play Horizon Zero Dawn. It's a beautiful game, but finding it slow and grindy.

Bought a portable today. Purely for bathroom and garden use. Other than the app still being awful, I am pleasantly surprised by it.

I feel like I should say something about the privacy debacle. But can't get over Liz Upton's pigs in blankets quote.

Being told to learn machine learning over Christmas break, because management think its the cool thing to offer.

Any good PyTorch resources out there?

If people are going to shove servers in cupboards miles away from a server room. Please connect the remote management NIC.

It turns out that you can develop on an android phone. But it's not exactly practical.

I keep telling myself that I will write a decent responsive DNS panel, because I can't find one that fits my needs (except maybe nictool). But I just can't find motivation to write the front end.

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