Been a lot of talk here about X and Wayland, so I figured it was time to try Wayland again. Happy to say after a day everything is just working. This is KDE on @opensuse Tumbleweed. So nice and upto date. Fingers crossed it stays working.

@intrbiz does it restore sessions properly? That's what made me go back to X last time.

@marix @intrbiz it still in well known issues list on plasma wayland showstoppers.

@intrbiz @opensuse
I'm using KDE Wayland mode for about 2 years now (Tumbleweed too). And there are bugs, but it depends on your setup and usage if you'll hit those bugs.
E.g. some bugs specific to fractional scaling, multimonitor, keyboard menu navigation, etc.

@intrbiz @opensuse
For a good test be sure to try stuff that's intentionally incompatible (usually because X11 had poor security). Like if you care about screen sharing/recording, try that. If you automate with fake input, like xdotool or whatever, try out whatever alternatives should still work and see how you feel about them.

@john it's mostly about is it viable for my day to day activities. Screen sharing was working in a meeting. And so far it seems to be going well. Not hit any stumbling blocks for all my common tasks, so will probably stick with Wayland now.

Very glad it's working for you.
How well something like screen sharing works I think depends mostly on what app you're using. If they insist on using only the X11 API ... there's only so much XWayland can do about that.
But, for example, most major browsers support Wayland quite on-purpose, so they should work.
If it works in Zoom now... perhaps I just need to update Zoom.

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