I'm excited to share pgvis.org/ a simple PostgreSQL extension for building visualisation dashboards.

It aims to offer an easy way to create visualisation dashboards with SQL and even exportable with just psql.

A little background: intrbiz.com/post/postgresql/pg

@intrbiz Great stuff ! I've missed this kind of tool many times, and thought of rolling something like it using a bit diff toolchain.

Being a db guy it helps when you can keep most of the workflow in-db and do it in sql. Looking forward to kicking the tires more but already added it to my dabble-y databases .

P.S. pgvis.org/install
has a couple of typos, at least the lines
curl /latest/pgvis-extension/pgVis.tar.gz > pgVis.tar.gz
curl pgvis.org/download/script/late | psql
need to be fixed.


@geospaz wow, amazing. Thanks for the positive feedback and spotting the typos, I'll get them fixed ASAP.

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