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@vyruss will publish a new #PostgreSQL extension called pg_statviz tomorrow.
He announced it today a #fosdem #pgday .
It sounds very promising.
The extension will be published on GitHub /pg_statviz

The first talk of the day here at #FosdemPGDay (a #Fosdem fringe event) and Gunnar ‘Nick’ Bluth is on the #PostgreSQL stage talking about how we can learn from his big big fail, titled “LFMF: How a CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY led to a 6 hour downtime” - lots of painful laughter in the room

Can anyone recommend a good Android MP3/OGG player?

Preferably one which gracefully handles duplicate files and is good at handling albums. Open Source a bonus.

Do y'all have any ideas on where—besides Mastodon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Planet Postgres,, and blog posts—that I should be spreading the word about the open #CFP for Citus Con: An Event for Postgres 2023?

The #CitusCon CFP will close on Sunday Feb 5th @ 11:59pm PST.

It's a virtual dev event. The team is hoping for talk proposals about:
- #PostgreSQL #opensource
- Citus database extension
- Azure Database for PostgreSQL
- Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL

For anyone interested in infra topics, quite a wide range, a friend runs this newsletter:

Here is a reminder that some people actually do good things with the fuck-you money they make from selling a company.

I wish there were more @liewegas⁠es out there.

Maybe if #universities were treated as places of learning to learn and think critically instead of certifications for the job market and substitutes to employers investing in staff, students would be better equipped to question and challenge #AIhype and less inclined to think something like #ChatGPT is a reliable replacement for library-style research skills.

#openSUSE will be in Hall H at #FOSDEM this year. Comes see us if you have any questions about the community, distributions, tools or projects.

The Intel 8086 microprocessor (1978) revolutionized the computer industry and led to the popular x86 architecture. It uses microcode, breaking machine instructions down into simpler micro-instructions. By studying the chip under a microscope, I can explain it. 🧵

9,000,132 accounts
+691 in the last hour
+16,575 in the last day
+113,372 in the last week

discovered this preference today, and wish I had found earlier because wow is it annoying to be prompted to login to all sorts of random sites

#72pencils arranged into four intersecting hexagonal prisms. Took me a bit to figure out how to assemble it after seeing a picture. Original design by mathematician/sculptor George Hart. #Geometry #Pencil

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Time for a cuppa... Earl Grey please!