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That people are taking ChatGPT seriously for coding tells you more about the state of software engineering as a discipline than it does about the state of machine learning as a technology.

The letter @EclipseFdn @osi and many other #OpenSource organisations signed about #CRA consultation made Techcrunch. The fact they then decided to quote GitHub about it is an ironic echo of the very issue the letter is about.

🐦 is changing. Swedish public broadcaster quits #twitter joining North American examples.

Not because of labelling but because "audience already has"

Our position remains clear. We will not back down on providing private, safe communications. We join with other encrypted messengers pushing back on the UK's flawed Online Safety Bill.

Pay changes since 2010:

Doctors: -7.4%
Nurses: -2.4%
University Staff: - 20%
Environment Agency Staff: - 20%

MPs: +34%
CEOs: +250%

But it's the striking staff who are at fault....

#UKpolitics #ToriesOut

Very excited to share that I'll be speaking at #PGDay #Chicago :postgresql: in less than a week! I'll be announcing the new #PostgreSQL #extension #pg_statviz for time series #analysis and #visualization of #Postgres internal #statistics.

Bonus talk: "Don't Do This" - PostgreSQL bad practices and pitfalls!

#timeseries #timeseriesdata #opensource #database #databases #stats #performance #event #events

Beatrice ‘Tilly’ Shilling was born in 1909 in Hampshire. She became an aeronautical engineer & daredevil motorcycle racer.

In 1936, Shilling joined The Royal Aircraft Establishment. 5 yrs later, she led a team that designed a device to prevent Merlin plane engines from stalling during flight, which helped the Allies win WWII.

Shilling was also the 2nd woman to earn a Brooklands Gold Star for lapping the track at >100mph. #HistoryRemix #science #history #women

Can we stop using the phrase 'over Engineered', often we actually mean 'under Engineered'. Engineering is the art of meeting constraints, building simple solutions. Not getting lost in minutiae to build 'perfect' nonsense.

I remember when Aaron Swartz was criminally prosecuted for downloading too many academic journal articles, but, sure, it's totally cool to scrape everyone's personal photographs as part of a commercial effort to market discriminatory surveillance tech to police departments.

The Mastodon community is growing by the minute. We ourselves have seen a massive influx of followers these last few months.

How likely is it that you will still be on #Mastodon next year?


Went to an EDB wine tasting tonight, was a great time, shame I was the most senior PostgreSQL community person there.some really nice wine though.

My colleague Kumaran on the advantages of building Progressive Web Apps over native apps for startup and small businesses.

I think this is pretty solid advice for people who want to get an app to market fast and cost effectively.

We're currently working on a couple ourselves ;)

As I hear Johnson justify his rule-breaking by claiming he was working really hard, I can't help thinking of all the NHS staff who worked all hours, in difficult and dangerous conditions and didn't break the rules he made.
This must be sickening for them.

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