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Buying production services from organizations that lack code-level expertise in the underlying software seems risky, but it's a risk that right now a lot of IT shops are... if not "willing to take", are at least "willing to ignore".

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An open question is how we create incentive structures larger that these huge companies. Some of it might be culture? The same IT culture that doesn't want to spin production software without a "support contract" could refuse to buy services from clouds that don't employ experts.

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But it's a structural problem that can really only be solved by the big companies stepping up and saying, "we recognize we have a unique role to fill here, as the ones extracting the most value from this ecosystem". We cannot MAKE them do it. They have to WANT to do it.

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When the companies that are making billions off open source are contributing less than the companies making millions, or (gulp) the contractors and small businesses making thousands... that's not a legal problem or a licensing problem.

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The "main event", to me, is to what extent AWS (and Azure and Google), who make serious bank by spinning open source, engage with the challenge of keeping the software they spin alive.

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The wailing of VC-backed "open source" companies about AWS, followed by their demonstrating their commitment to open source by ... closing their source. It's all such a sideshow.

I love the optimism of thinking I'm really going to disable #cookies consents one by one instead of just closing the browser tab. #darkpatterns

“average US president charged with 2 felonies” factoid actualy just statistical error. average US president charged with 0 felonies. Felonies Don is an outlier adn should not have been counted

@intrbiz @tig @dick_turpin openSUSE Aeon is working great for me. Updates do come in large amounts sometimes like today's 1014 packages.

My ArchlinuxARM server running its systemd-nspawn containers for services has now clocked-up over two years of hassle-free service.

Coming from staged-release distributions and VMs to rolling distributions and containers has been a positive experience for me.

Hey #Postgres people.

Do you use ±infinity in your dates and timestamps? What is your use case? What would you do instead if they weren't available?

Please boost for reach.

#PostgreSQL #SQL #Survey

We're celebrating being 18 today. We've had an amazing ride and look forward to more in the future.

Excited to report that the Wolverhampton LUG is resuming regular meetings once more.

3.5 years ago the first lock down caused us to move to virtual meetings.

It's been a long time since we've been able to talk crap for a few hours over a beer or two.

If anybody is in the region, and fancies joining us tonight: Royal Tiger, Wednesfield, 7.30pm until late.

We might even talk about Linux, but no promises.

I feel the need to AGAIN repeat this, and I hope you’ll share it so everyone in every city sees it, understands it and remembers it…


It’s not just OBVIOUS etiquette, it’s basic GEOMETRY!

Question: if your community conference has a photo consent option, what exactly is the consent for?

Other attendees might take pics, professional photographer, videos, other options ...?

How do you deal with the consent? And how is it worded?

We would like to better word the consent for #pgconfeu

#PostgreSQL #Conference #Consent

I legitimately think that many orgs were in a better security space ten years ago when they had outbound firewall rules, proxies, tight remote access etc etc.

The industry has sold them a piss soaked dream where they can basically allow everything and ignore the basics.. and now everybody smells of piss.

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Time for a cuppa... Earl Grey please!