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Today in UK politics: a man who travels by helicopter tells people who can't afford bus fares that he will save them from being able to walk to the shops.

Entirely serious country.

docker-compose is great, but I love using @fedora CoreOS lately and I want to use the built-in tools it provides. I also want automatic updates without a privileged watchtower container running.

That's when I learned to love the quadlets. ❤️

#fedora #coreos #podman #quadlets #containers #docker

Quadlets might make me finally stop using docker-compose:

You know LinkedIn, you could just put the 'message' that someone has sent me into the email you sent me about it.

It's not like it was only the 11th trillion email you sent me today.

Let's just dispense with the concept that products are trying to help users.

Why do companies of mature products think a big redesign is a good idea. I mean people were perfectly happy with the existing design. By all means keep slowly tweaking and improving things. But we don't need to completely redesign the interface every few years.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like the UK's #OnlineSafetyBill is a done deal:

An utter shambles of a bill, pushed forward on the basis of catchphrases and clichés.

If you provide online services to people in the UK, which let them interact with each other, especially if you have a link to the UK yourself, I guess you might want to either:

a) prepare to attempt to block access by people in the UK; or

b) settle in for a sizeable legal advice bill.

Really love this phrase: "the tyranny of the marginal user"

Especially as someone who found real friends (and through them partners) through OkCupid back in the day, a lot of this resonates.

Airbus open sourced their new cockpit font. Make it the default for all your embedded projects, because it's REALLY good and has real testing in difficult environments!

Very glad to see a successful PGDay UK take place. The UK #PostgreSQL #community is thriving and there is huge potential to connect, learn from & work with each other. Let's keep growing, and potentially take this to other places in the UK.

Congratulations to all the organisers, volunteers and speakers for an excellent #conference, and a big thank you to Alice Keane and Mostafa Zakaria for their great presence at the EDB booth.
#postgres #openSource #database #databases

Since I've seen a lot of chatter about people switching to #Firefox as Google ramps up the enshitification of #Chrome, let me tell you about a killer feature for people who (a) need multiple accounts on the same websites (eg. devs) or specifically (b) have to use multiple Google accounts.

Firefox has an official addon called Multi Account Containers that lets you trivially set up color coded tabs that have separate sets of cookies. Log into your dev account in one, and your test account in another. Log into your personal #gmail in one and have another tab next to it with your work Gmail. I'm actually not signed in to any Google accounts in most my tabs, I just have containers for the specific tasks I do on Google products.

It'll take you 30 seconds to set up.


Mozilla's explanation:

"Did any user in the world want a user tracking and ad platform baked directly into their browser? Probably not, but this is Google, and they control Chrome, and this probably still won't make people switch to Firefox."

I stick to #Firefox

To disable Google Chrome's "advanced" ad tracking, why not give Firefox a try?

It's unusual for me, but I will attend an event without speaking. It means I'll be available without stress to answer all your Postgres questions!
I'll be in London at PGDay UK on the 12th of September!
Grab your ticket here:

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