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#PGConfEU was an amazing #conference — I got to host a panel with awesome #PostgreSQL experts, and a crazy signing event for our book (PostgreSQL 16 Administration Cookbook — — 15% off in Dec). I am thrilled, and beyond humbled, to be able to do these things. Thank you all 🙏 #Postgres #Community

Special thanks to Sabine Schatzer, @clairegiordano and @floord for their great photos.

#opensource #database

Right now @l_avrot & @karenhjex are on stage at #pgconfeu demonstrating creativity on steroids (!!!!) to shine a light on the challenges women face navigating a male-dominated tech world, including in Postgres… The talk is “Trying to be Barbie in Ken's Mojo Dojo Casa House” & I applaud Lætitia’s & Karen’s courage in giving this talk #Barbie #PostgreSQL #database #diversity #womenintech

Today the a-ma-zing @l_avrot presented at #pgconfeu about “Learning advanced SQL the weird (and hard) way”, about how she’s been using SQL-only (#PostgreSQL flavor) to solve #AdventOfCode puzzles. What fun. #Postgres #SQL #databases

The design on the screens for the #PGConfEU #PostgreSQL #Conference looks really nice!

The big one is in the conference area, the small one in the elevator.

Thanks to Chris Ellis @intrbiz for the work!

Not only Chris did this wonderful elephant with lights (everybody wants one here)
He also talks about IoT with PostgreSQL at #pgconfeu
Moving, storing.... Interesting way to address the topic from the "end device".

Google announced that starting in June 2024, ad blockers such as uBlock Origin #uBO will be disabled in Chrome 127 and later with the rollout of Manifest V3 (#Mv3).

The new #Chrome manifest will prevent using custom filters and stops on demand updates of blocklist. Only #Google authorized updates to browser extension will be allowed in the future, which mean an automatic win for Google in their battle to stop YouTube #AdBlockers .

#ManifestV3 is deceitful and threatening to your privacy, and now is a good time to switch to #Firefox (@mozilla) and/or #TorBrowser (@torproject) if you haven't done so already!

EFF (@eff) on Google’s Manifest V3:


Chrome Manifest V3 Transition Timeline (2023-11-16)


EDIT for clarification: MV3 in Chrome will still allow some ad blocking extensions, but will severely limit their blocking ability and even restricts pre-set filters to 50 MAX.

New entry in #PostgreSQL Event Calendar:

👫 FOSDEM PGDay 2024

Date: 2024-02-02
Location: Brussels, Belgium

ICS file:

That's 500 tickets sold! We still have plenty of seats left, but don't wait too long if you want to be sure you get one!

Training sessions are also selling fast! 2 sessions sold out, and 1 almost!

#postgres #postgresql #pgconfeu

I am not monetizing my SQL-writing abilities properly

Two years since the new version of google icons and the struggle is still real

This is a short message from the openSUSE Board that we are posting on our communication channels and is a reminder that we ask each and every one of you to be kind, considerate and welcoming to people on all our communication channels. Let's foster a positive atmosphere for people on all of our communication channels. Our channels are a wonderful place for collaboration, but also remember that open-source is not about telling others what or how to build.

The enshittification of the Internet coincides with the economic shift to mandatory infinite growth so shareholders and CEOs can receive ever more absurd payouts at the expense of sustainable business. This led to increasing commoditization of our time, our data, and our attention. We're not the customers, we're the product.

Which also coincides with the democratic breakdown of treating voters not as decision makers but as a captive audience for whatever the political-moneyed class wants to do.

Woop woop! @l_avrot and I will be premiering our Barbie talk at PGConf.EU in Prague this December. This is going to be fun (and informative, and a call for action, but mainly fun 😉)

It’s amazing to me that a proposal to scan *literally ever private communication in Europe* is barely making newspapers, and we’re reading about legislative progress on blogs.

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Been hearing whispers all weekend, some from people who I'd *definitely* listen to, of a remote execution 0day in the Signal desktop and possibly also mobile app. Mitigation is supposedly to disable link previews (under settings->chats).

I have no more details. What I've heard doesn't completely make sense, but disabling link previews should be at worst harmless and seems prudent until this is clarified.

My crankiest opinion: I hate apps.

Most apps are just clingy bitches. They want to collect too much info, they take up too much space, they want to notify you of trivial bullshit. Most apps should just be websites.

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Time for a cuppa... Earl Grey please!